Sofie Tucson

This is me trying something new. I’ve been a travel photographer for a few years but wanted to fill the time between trips far away. I remember staying up late one night wondering if I should even do a model call in a Facebook group for models and photographers in Arizona. With next to no experience shooting portraits of models, I did it anyway. Making sure to inform them that I’m inexperienced and looking for an inexperienced model.

The first girl to give me a chance goes by the name of Sofie. A really nice girl from Philadelphia that made her way to Tucson. Sofie and I connected and it just so happens that she was also a talented concert photographer.

Since I love to travel, I made the trip down to Tucson for an extended weekend staying in a vintage and boutique hotel. I’ll definitely book at Hotel Congress again. We modeled for each other to get photos for our body of work and to collaborate. We also shared some great food. Miss Saigon is totally recommended.

Here are just a few photos of wonderful Sofie. Thank you so much for being a great model. I would recommend you to anyone in Tucson looking for a model and photographer. @sofiekranstzphotography

I also have a travel site that shows more of the photos from this trip if anyone would like to see. Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by.

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