Scottsdale Canal Convergance 2018

Whispers were swirling of some sort of art festival exhibition thing happening in Scottsdale in some of the online Arizona photo groups. I wasn’t sure if I could go but when my friend who was flying in from NYC to be with her family for Thanksgiving, shared the link to this event, I made the time. We’ve had photography adventures in Tokyo, Las Vegas, and now our backyard in Scottsdale. We’ve thrown around some ideas about another city during dinner but planned to circle back more after the new year. 

We both arrived a bit late on the last day of this event but we still tried to get some good stuff. It seems like all of these art exhibitions are looking more and more like Instagram traps. Art created for the purpose of being shared on social media. Regardless of what they’re meant to be, it was nice to get out and practice. Most installations focused on sustainability and interactivity and all were best enjoyed and taken in at night.

I’ve been practicing night photography for a while now due to my work schedule so getting hand held shots in the dark wasn’t too hard. Since we were crunched for time, I had my friend model for me for a few minutes and I did the same for her. Here are just a few of the photos:

Just a few pictures from my friend. She did a good job making me look less goofy. @heypooky on Instagram.

For those who are interested, we ate at Barrio Queen in Old Town Scottsdale. The phrase “authentic Mexican cuisine” seems to get thrown around quite loosely in Arizona but being a native Arizonan AND someone who has been to Central Mexico many times, it gets my seal of approval. Still not convinced? My friend, who is from Mexico City, and just got back from a three week trip to Mexico City, also gives it her stamp. High praise. 


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